Sunday, November 24, 2013

Only LPs

So up first, this is a copy of Devotion's LP Bastard Son of Affluence Blues from Rivalry Records. Rivalry has been a pretty inactive label for a few years now. Devotion was the project of former Go It Alone vocalist Mark Palm. Originally this entire record was supposed to be done by just Mark, which is pretty impressive, for him to play all instruments and do the vocals. He ended up having Aaron O'Neil of ON do the drums, which was a good decision because Aaron is a great drummer. This record picks up where Go It Alone left off completely, with the more Blues inspired almost Southern Rock sound. It's still a hardcore record for sure but there are other obvious influences. I really dig this record and this entire release looks great from the layout to the art to the vinyl cover. Kyle from Rivalry went with 1,100 copies on black, and no other versions. Which was a cool change for the label. I really recommend checking this band out, especially if you're in to Southern Rock and Blues. I picked this up when Devotion was on tour on the east coast, they played a show in Trenton, NJ with Outlast. As usual Outlast was great and Devotion killed it. Mark seemed like a really cool down to earth guy. I hope they put out some more releases at some point and continue to tour, I'd be in to it.
Here is my pre-order for the self-titled debut War Hungry LP. It's cool to see that this band finally was able to get around to releasing an LP. They've been around for a while and though they are a great band, there's been other projects that have taken up the member's time in the past. It always felt like this band was not a priority. It's a shame because I always enjoyed this band. This LP does not disappoint, it brings the bands sound to a another level. Six Feet Under also did a great job with the layout of this release. I'm not a big fan of the artwork, but I think for a different style of band it would work. Red is the most rare out of 99, white is out of 305 and black out of 585.
So this makes my third copy of this LP. This is a white copy of Swamp Thing's In Shame LP. This is a decent LP for the band but I still prefer their first seven inch the most. This copy from 6131 is out of 300. I think this band broke up, but I'm not really sure.
So I've always thought I should look more in to this band. I'm still not totally in to them but this is a good record to add to the Youngblood collection. This is Desperate Measures Never Enough Time. Apparently this band was huge when they were active. This copy on black is out of 400 copies. Maybe this band will eventually grow on me.
Here's a copy of the New Found Glory LP that Bridge 9 put out a few years back. I believe this is the copy on green out of 1,500 copies. Nothing too exciting for this one. I think this is the last copy of the normal press that I needed. I'm just missing the copy on pink out of 100.
Continuing with the New Found Glory LPs, here's the more recent record they put out this time from Epitaph. This is a pretty decent release, defiantly not their best material but it's still completely listenable. Epitaph did a great job with this one, the vinyl colors, layout and everything. The Yellow/Pink mix in the middle is the most rare, out of 250. The black is the most common but I'm not sure the number of copies.
Here's my Sacred Love pre-order from Youngblood. This layout and artwork came out great. Red is out of 201 and black out of 265. This record took a while to come out and it has taken even longer for me to post about it. It's a great release however.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I can't remember how I got this one. It may have been from Hellfish, either way it's Swamp Thing's Self-titled 7" on black. There's 300 of these and overall this is a pretty solid 7" from the band, the artwork and layout are good as well. 6131 did a good job with these.

 So this one I also have no idea how I got, maybe from a label? Six Feet Under? Anyway it's War Hungry's Return to Earth from 1917 Records, which is no longer an active label. There are a bunch of different colors and versions of this release, but the black is the most common out of 560. I believe this was the most recent release before they just release their LP, which was a pretty good release as well.
 I'm pretty positive that this is a mispress of Down to Nothing's Splitting Headache from Speedowax Records. I got this one from Rich from the label. This one is supposedly pretty rare out of only three. I don't know too much else about this one, like why it is a mispress or anything like that.
 So this is the repress of the Cold World and War Hungry split from Six Feet Under Records. This came out great. It was a good idea to keep the layout and design completely the same just change the pictures and make everything color. Black is out of 456 and white is out of 526.
I believe I got these from 6131. Starting on left is two copies of Bad Seed's Self Titled. Purple is out of 400 and yellow is out of 100 copies. Both are from the third press. On the right is a copy of the Bad Seed and War Hungry split on black out of 300.
I believe I also got these from Hellfish. This is two copies of Backtrack's Deal with the Devil. The copy on red is out of 200 and the copy on white is out of 400 I believe. If anyone could confirm this for me that would be cool. Both are from the second press.
This was the last version of Fired Up's When the Lights Go Out that I was missing. This is from the first press on clear out of 200. I think the only thing I'm missing is transitions and a test, but I'm not sure when I'd get around to getting copies of them.
This is my pre-order from Alert's Find Your Way. This was put out by Six Feet Under Records. It came out looking pretty good and it's a good 7" too. Bummer this band just recently called it quits, but it happens. Cool dudes as well. Purple is out of 105, 317 on Dark Clear Purple and 625 on Black.
So this was a pre-order package from React! First up we have three colors of Rearranged's Self-Titled. I believe this band is from Europe or maybe Russia? Not completely sure, its a great release either way. 200 on white, 300 on blue and 500 on black. On the bottom left is the second press of Give's Heaven is Waiting. This band is pretty cool and defiantly playing their own style in current hardcore. Black is out of 300 and white is out of 200. On the bottom right is the limited second press of Noose's It's Your Time on grey. For a second press this one is very rare, only 150 copies.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holidays Post

 So a ways back A389 announced that it had put up the Japanese pressing of the last Pulling Teeth LP put out by WDSounds, who I know nothing about. The pressing is pretty much the exact same as the A389 version except this this piece of paper on the cover. I have no idea how many of these there are? It also came with the Flexi of the band's original demo. This one is on black out of 100. I'm still not in to the Flexis, but I like this demo.
 So I saw online somewhere that Beware had put up some copies of their demo tape a ways back. This is numbered #30 out of 100. I have to say when this demo tape was floating around on the internet I wasn't completely in to it, it wasn't bad but I had mild interest. Now that their 7" has come out and they've blown up, I mean the second press is already sold out of the 7", I'm really happy I did pick this up. That 7" is awesome by the way. It will definitely be one of the best of the year.
 I'm not sure where I got this from, maybe another label in their distro? This is a pretty good 7" and I believe this band just broke up. They were a big deal at Sound and Fury last year if I remember correctly. This one on red is out of 300.
 I was happy to finally get a copy of this from Control Records. This is the vinyl pressing of Bad Seed's second demo. This band ruled and so did the demo. Black is out of 400.
 I know I got this one from A389, so I'm assuming that I got the others above from the same place. These were some old copies that happened to be found by Dom I think. This was a great band and this version on gold is pretty rare, but I'm not sure what the exact numbers are.
Here is my pre-order from the Praise Two Songs 7". This came out really clean. I like the layout and artwork. I wish that the grey vinyl color was tan however. I think a tan or clear would have gone well. White is out of 200, grey is out of 300 and black is out of 400. These are two great songs too.
From React! I also picked up a copy of Police & Thieves Amor Y Guerra LP put out by Salad Days Records.
This is another copy of Splitting Headache that I picked up from Rich of Speedowax Records. Rich messaged me a ways back saying he had printed up some limited orange covers that he was looking to give to some people, so naturally I said I was interested.
As you can see these are numbered out of 10 and has my name on it. Pretty cool.
So I pre-ordered the Ceremony Covers release and I also picked up a few other things. Up top is the fourth press on grey of the Project X 7" and the third press on grey of Ceremony's Scared People. On the bottom is Ceremony's Still Nothing Moves You, fourth press on yellow, Pianos Become the Teeth's Old Pride fourth press on gold/maroon and Strike Anywhere's Iron Front second press on green.
The Ceremony Covers release came out great, they are one sided etched 12"s.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

4 Months, 4 Months Have Passed

So it's been four months since I've posted on this blog, I apologize for my lack of attention to this blog. Since you've last heard from me I've been working about 60 hours a week to save for a wedding, moved in to a house, got a puppy and plenty of other things, so things have been busy. Let's hope I can post on a more regular basis. I apologize for my abandonment of the internet.

 I'm not totally positive where I got this one from but I'm thinking eBay, the usual suspect. This is a copy of Far From Breaking's The Identity. This one was put out by the great Youngblood Records and is on black. The black vinyl is from the first press out of 450. Check out this band if you haven't yet.

So I think I picked this up from another D.C. guy but I'm not totally sure. This band has been blowing up the past few years. At first I was mildly in to it, but the more I listen to it I dig it even more. This is the Winter Tour version of Stick Together's No More Games.

These are numbered out of 200, seems like a lot for a tour cover. Either way these were fetching a decent price when I picked it up. Mine is #15, a pretty good number.

So I picked up a rare copy of the recent Jane Doe repress. This one is clearly on gold, but there is a slight white swirl in this one. The numbers come in at 550 for this one. According to Deathwish's website this is the exclusive band color, so I guess they sold this on tour? Either way I didn't get it from the band.

So I pre-ordered the latest Rotting Out LP I think on two colors but I got two of the same color. I got both on Red. Which I believe was the rarer of the two colors that you could get. The red is out of 300, while black is out of 600. The record is ok, still doesn't measure up to World Won't Listen.

So I pre-ordered the Striving Higher compilation that Six Feet Under put out a while ago. This thing came out great, very similar to Triple B's America's Hardcore Comp. The layout, insert and vinyl all look great. 273 on red, 417 on yellow splatter and 815 on black. Each one of these came with a Blacklisted flexi. Not sure how many there are of them but I'm assuming a lot.

So I also picked up a copy of 50 Lions Time is the Enemy with my Six Feet Under order. This red/orange version was out of 80. This is a great record. I believe it's their earlier record that Six Feet Under put out as a reissue on vinyl.

I think I also picked this up from Six Feet Under. This is the black version of the latest Cold World release, it is the collaboration 12" for the song "How the Gods Chill" featuring Sean Price. Black is the most common out of 700. This is an ok release for Cold World, defiantly not the favorite. The complete rap/rock package doesn't always work in my opinion. Samples, scratching, interludes and the lot mixed with hardcore however does, so I'll still keep paying attention. Ok that's all for now, I'm sure most of thought I had stopped this blog, you were wrong. I still have TONS of stuff to post. I have really been cutting back on my vinyl intake so I should be able to catch up to the few year backlog I've amassed.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Down by 23

So a ways back I got an e-mail from a great collector overseas that I had bought some rare Down to Nothing records from before. He was looking to sell the rest of his DTN collection. There were three 7"s he had that I still needed. So after a bunch of e-mails back and forth with logistics we worked out a deal, and they were on their way.

So the first of three was this test press of the self-titled three song release. So apparently Robby Redcheeks made his test presses very limited, only five of these exist.

So this one has a pretty cool transparent yellow sleeve of the original artwork. The usual quality you'd expect from Dead by 23. One the back you can also see a great Revelation Records rip off logo.

Here are the other two of the three 7"s. These are both copies of the six song self titled 7". The 6 song 7" was ditched for some reason, I'm not sure why, recording? song selection? who knows. Either way it gave a great opportunity to put out a super rare release, all together only 55 copies, including tests. So on the left is this release on pink vinyl out of only 16. Then on the right is the test press out of five again. This seems to be a trend. Robby made another cool sleeve for this one, with some little differences but good ones. It even says on the front that mine is number four of five.

All together these are some of the best DTN records I have. They're incredibly rare and hard to find, and also some of the best material from this band. Not to mention Dead by 23 did a great job with them. They also complete my collection of both releases. Now I'm sure furhtur down the road I will try and get my hands on some more versions of the three song release transitions.

Monday, January 16, 2012

So I've Been Buying Less

But I've still got a huge back log of stuff to post.

So I picked up this copy of On's Control 7". This is the special record release cover out of 100.

On the back of the special cover it is numbered, mine being 19 and it also has the date of the show in big print.

Included with this came a flyer of the show, pretty cool way of remembering the show. It looked like a pretty good line up.

So when the pre orders for the latest Pulling Teeth records went up I think I missed the boat, by the time I got around to looking in to it, one of the pre order versions were already gone. I believe it was on a dark green vinyl. I was able to pick up the other pre order version, on black out of 250. So the pre order press, or first press as you will consisted of those two colors each out of 250 and were the only versions as a double LP. The second press was a much larger pressing on 1 LP I think released with Deathwish. Probably 1,000 or more.

This I picked up from A389 at the same time, this is the second press of Mother of Mercy's III. This is the more common version of the press out of 404. This record is too good.

So Magrudergrind has been a local D.C. act for a while known throughout the world for their incredible grind and power violence delivery. I've always been in to this band since I heard them a few years back, but I never was in to them enough to pick up one of their records. I've seen them live a few times and every time was great. Better band live than on record, for sure. So when I first heard this s/t release I knew I had to pick it up. Recorded at the great God City Studios with Kurt Ballou, this record just packs a great punch. I took a while to finally get this one, but it was worth it.

So I heard about this band Enough not too long ago playing some great youth crew inspired jams. I knew I had to get as much as of this band as I could, so good. So picked up three copies of their When You Don't Think You Can 7". Pink is out of 85, Clear/White out of 100 and Black out of 105. The band self-released this record and they did a great job.

So I also picked up this split from A389. This is Integri-teeth, which is Pulling Teeth with Dwid from Integrity on vocals and Pale Sphincter. I don't think I've listened to this one yet, but anything PT related I want.

Again from A389 I picked up this second press of Harms Way's No Gods No Masters. This copy is on Clear Yellow with Hot Pink Splatter. This one is out of 516. Surprisingly this matches the artwork.

Also from A389 I picked up a copy of Iron Age's The Way Is Narrow. This one put out by Painkiller and on clear is out of 520, second press.

This one I think I may have picked up from eBay? It's the most common version of True Color's self-titled. This one was put out by Not Just Words, on black and out of 525.

So this is the Record Release version of Alert' Find Your Way. I think the boys from the band put this up in their Big Cartel store after the show. I picked one up immediately.

This one is numbered 32 out of 50.